by Pangkorian, trained by a team of professionals

Date: 24th September 2015 (Thu)
Time: 8.00pm – 9.30pm
Venue: SJKC Hwa Lian 1

Director: Amelia Tan | Co-director: Eugene Ng

Dance: Tan Bee Hung, James Kan | Percussion: Tan Chun Ket, Zac Tan

Music: Lem Siaw Kiat | Lighting: Amelia Tan

Stage Designer: Even Chen

Artistic Director: Low Khay Hooi, Wong Siew Jiuan (from Art Baiduren)


Named after the beautiful beach, Pangkor Island is inhabited by fisherman of many generations.

Raised in an ordinary family of net maker, Ying and his younger brother decides to go to sea with the fisherman for better living.

Fighting with the waves and currents everyday and counting their blessings at every sunsets, what is waiting for this brothers beyond the horizon?


| Director: Amelia Tan |

photo1_Amelia TanAmelia has been part of  Pangkor Island Festival since year 2014 as the Pangkorian Theatre Traditional Dance choreographer. This year, Amelia is back not only as Director cum Script Writer, but also as Lighting Designer.

Amelia is a full-time theatre practitioner, drama and dance instructor, and a graduate of Malaysian Institute of Art. She is also a graduate from “Theatre Training and Research 3 year Program” (TTRP) in Singapore.

Her personal expertise includes lighting design, stage makeup, actor training, physical training, voice training and acting. Currently, she works as an Acting Instructor of Drama & Visual Department in New Era College. She had also been involved in training actors for local TV stations.



| Co-Director: Eugene Ng |

Photo_EugeneEugene Ng, the Founder and Artistic Director of Eutopia Theater. Actively involved in acting, theatrical education, directing and costume designing. Currently a part time lecturer in Dasein Academy of Arts, freelance theatre educator and costume designer. Eugene are to join PIF2015 Pangkorian Theatre as Co-director and working closely with Amelia on Script writing.

Eugene also has 12 years experience in theatre educating, and frequently invited to direct and instruct for musical drama in Pesta Tanglung by Universiti Malaya.





| Choreography: Tan Bee Hung |

Photo4_BeeHungBee Hung had been choreographed for Pangkorian Theatre since PIF2014 and again join us this year.

A law graduate, Bee Hung was predominantly trained in contemporary dance. She has worked with many top-notch artists including Amy Len, Steve Goh, Lee Swee Keong, Judimar Hernandez, James Lee, Jack Kek, TeckVoon Ng, Loh Kok Man, Jay Jen Loo, Albert Tiong, Kathyn Tan, Brigel Gjoka, Ben J Riepe, and others. She has performed locally and internationally, in Singapore, China and Germany.

In 2013, she was selected to participate in the International Young Choreographers Program held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Bee Hung is currently a full time dance instructor and dancer.


| Choreography: James Kan |

Photo_James 1As his first year of joining Pangkorian Theatre, James had won a full scholarship by Korean government and pursue his study in Korea National University of Arts.

Graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA) in 2008 with a Diploma in Dance, majoring in Choreography, and awarded a scholarship to pursue dance at the Taipei National University of the Arts at the same year.

James had been touring around cities, and nominated the Best Featured Performer award for his 70mins solo full-length performance “Fragment” for the 11th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in Malaysia, and the Best Choreographer for ASWARA Dance Company’s “Utopia”.



| Percussion: Chin Chun Ket |

Photo_KetBorn in Sabah, Sandakan, Ket learned to play drums in his early teens. At the ages of 13, he followed Bernard Goh by joining 24-Festive Drum to pursue his drumming passion.

Graduated from University of Wolverhampton with a Degree of Illustration in 2007, Ket joined Hands Percussions Team in 2008. During his period with Hands Percussion, he gets to explore percussions, composition and also Gamelan – a Malay traditional instrument, from famous Gamelan compositor Susan Sarah John.

Ket left Hands Percussion in 2014 and began his journey teaching and performing drum all over Malaysia. Since then, he formed a drum team Souls Impact with his current partner Zac Tan.



| Percussion: Zac Tan |

Photo_ZacJoined 24-Festive Drums Team at the age of 13. He starts learning drum and had experience in drumming for more than 8 years.

In 2011, Zac’s passion became his part time job as a Jazz drum teacher and 24 festive drum coach. In 2014, he officially pursue his career as a full time 24-Festive Drum coach.

Later in year 2015, Zac expanded his talent by forming a drum team Souls Project with his current partner Chun Ket, which makes him a full-time performer and also 24-Festive Drum coach in school.



| Artistic Director: Low Khay Hooi, Wong Siew Jiuan (from Art Baiduren) |

Photo_Art BaidurenArt Baiduren was established back in 1999, and this is their third time taking part in Pangkor Island Festival. Khay Hooi and Siew Jiuan had put in great effort to enhance the art education among local children. As the joint founder of Artland Junior Art Academy and Malaysian Junior Art Education Association with their colleague, they served as President of the association for two consecutive year.

Besides education, they are actively participating in art and craft creation, as well as art exhibitions and community art event in both local and international such as “Petaling Street Community Art Project” and “Look, Port Weld”. Besides, Baiduren also took part in theatre stage production. One of the theatre “The Unicorn’s Travelogue” had won the Best Costume Design, Styling & Make Up at “The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards 2015”.



| Stage Designer: Eve Chen |

Photo_EveGraduated from New Era College, Department of Drama and Visuals and Taipei National University of the Arts, Department of Theatrical Design and Technology, majoring in Stage Designing.

Eve had taken up various positions in performing arts such as: stage designing, lighting design, costume design, stage manager, actor. She also participated in concerts and exhibitions related design.

Stage designed by Eve are: Disappearance of Grandma Dodo, Death and the Maiden, Next Ten Years & 22 performance stage and lighting design in Macau, My Dear, Breast, Happy Birthday, The Way Home.




| Music Director: Lem Siaw Kiat |

Music_WumiExposed to Chinese Orchestra music in 1991, and majored in Dulcimer and percussion. Completed Master Level of Conducting course organized by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Music Director Yan, Hui Chang and PCCO Music Director Chew, Hee Chiat.

Repeatedly being invited to participate in various performances, Siaw Kiat also  joined Nyoba Kan in performing percussion for a contemporary choreography entitled The God of Wealth Arrives.

In the year of 2006, Siaw Kiat was invited to AIFM for an interview and live performance in June, and received the Best Conductor Award in the National Chinese Orchestra Competition. Received the Best Supporting Actress Award in 2007.