Date: 25th September 2015 (Fri) & 26th September 2015 (Sat) 
Time: 10:00am & 2:00pm
Venue: Hokkien Association
Date: 27th September 2015 (Sun) 
Time: 10:00am
Venue: Hokkien Association

“Long time ago, a beautiful princess descended upon a village on the Okamoto River and taught the people how to make paper. The princess, Kawakami-gozen, turned out to be the goddess of paper, and with her visit, she founded Echizen’s Washi industry. People built Okamoto shrine in dedication to her and the possession has been passed on. –  Folk story.

The name of Echizen Washi founded in Shosoin’s (a treasure repository built in 9th century) documents of Nara Period when Chinese paper-making was introduced to Japan. When paper began to be widely used by the warrior class, high quality papers such as Echizen Hosho were demanded and produced in large amount using developed technique.

During the Meiji period Dajyokan Kinsatsu, Japan’s first currency notes were manufactured in Echizen. In late-century, many artiste including the famous painter – Taikan Yokoyama, has favoured Echizen paper. Featuring a delicate texture and a wide variety, the paper made in Echizen is extraordinary among the varieties of paper produced in Japan.


In PIF2015, craftsmen of Echizen Washi will conduct a workshop on the traditional way of paper making, and people will be able to get involved with their hands on experience.