Date: 25th September 2015 (Fri)
Time: 8.00pm – 10.00pm
Venue: Panggung Happy
(9) Movie Screening_Cape No. 7_01

Outdoor movie screening has always been one of the most awaiting section during Pangkor Island Festival. The venue for this activity is located at the old cinema since 2013. This open-air cinema will definitely evokes nostalgic memories of a bygone era, though the old cinema had been demolished.

“Cape No.7” is the story about Aga, a struggling young rock band singer who leaves Taipei to return to his hometown – Hengchun. There, his step-father, assigned him as a postman. At the same time, he met and fell in love with Tomoko, an Mandarin-speaking Japanese fashion model who had been allocated to Hengchun to organize a beach concert.

What makes a deeper impression is the geographical location of Hengchun is almost similar as  Pangkor Island. Moreover, the aim of PIF2015 is to encourage islanders who study, work or stays far away from Pangkor to return to their beloved hometown just like what Aga did. Meanwhile, as a singer of rock band, Aga took part in the beach concert to strive for his music dream, this is similar with the concept of PIF which is to promote performance art among islander. The most important is, we must have faith in ourselves, with confidence and talent, we can shine in everywhere.

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