Date: 26th September 2015 (Sat)
Time: 8.00pm – 11.00pm
Venue: SJKC Hwa Lian

(5) Music Night Line-up_Daniel Lee

Line-up | Daniel Lee | Malaysian Idol 2 | Malaysia

Daniel Lee, as the Malaysian Idol of its Season-2 in 2005, has became the winner with 1.2 million votes by the viewers. He had released three albums in his singing career and currently has upgraded himself as an ukulele instructor and has been touring around in Malaysia.

For PIF2015, Daniel will be performing as a solo on ukulele for a 30minutes pocket show, whilst a full band performer and vocalist for mini concert stage. Besides performing, Daniel is expecting to interact with the crowd by introducing ukulele and lead them to sing along.

(6) Music Night Line-up_Misato Hayashi

Line-up | Misato Hayashi | Marimbist | Japan

MISATO HAYASHI was born in 1978 in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. She started playing  marimba since 3 years old. For 4 years since 9 years old, she had joined a big band and played as drummer.  Through the activity, she had won several music prizes.

MISATO graduated from Tokyo College of Music, percussion in 2001 at the top of the list. After the graduation, she started studying under and also had many collaboration performances with Momoko Kamitani, who is known as a professional marimbist all over the world and has many excellent performance carriers over lots of countries. Misato also studied in Paris, France in 2002 and entered to Conservatoire Superieure de Paris -C.N.R.-, majoring in marimba.

After returning to Japan in 2010, MISATO has worked on her own music theme besides original live-performances, solo concerts, collaboration activities, and composing movie & TV-commercial music.  As her lifework, she produces the MIMI Method – a music education & therapy program for Japanese children. She also putts lots of efforts on the social working such as young musicians education, volunteer activities, and raising-up-children support activities.

Line-up | Bossa Nova Band | Malaysia

This Bossa Nova band is formed specially for Pangkor Island Festival 2015. With its drummer James Wong, it will be a four-piece band including keyboardist, bassist and vocalist performing songs in bossa nova genre. Audiences are sure to be amused and entertained with our local band’s talent.


Line-up | Pekuab lun Kelabit | Bario, Sarawak Malaysia

Leaving their home for the first time, taking plane for the first time, presenting on the grand stage for first, and the first media interview……

These elders in their 60-90’s, had flew across the sea to bring you their very own traditional oral recitation performance, and also to sing the songs of their history.